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The Bishounen Rights Campaign
Stop the Glomping
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17th-Sep-2005 03:21 pm(no subject)
Dilandau wandered down the empty road. How he had come here was not important. What was important was that he had just murdered a bunch of fangirls. He could hardly fathom just what they were thinking...attempting to mass-glomp him? Him, an elite Zaibach captain renowned for his prowess in battle and ability to otherwise kick major amounts of ass? He felt little remorse for what he had done.

As he wandered in this foreign place, he wondered just how often this ocurred. Was this normal? Would there be need for blood? If there would indeed be need for it, he was more than ready. Hell, he welcomed it.
15th-Sep-2005 06:48 am - Different Icon, Same Dumb Co-Mod!
Oh, yeah. I forgot to say that I added the rules and junk! ^^ It's all on the user info page, so go take a good look at it. Because, yeah... o_O We need rules.
Emma - faint-coloured fields
13th-Sep-2005 11:06 am - New Community- Under Construction
^^ Hello, all of you! This is Co-Mod Tashi-kun (yes, I expect you to call me that whilst in this comm... >_> ), wishing you all a good day. I'm the one that people should go to should you have any questions over joining procedure and new rules. In general, I'm the one who deals with the roleplaying and membership policies. If you're really interested in joining, IM me at Desmond Hathorne or send me an email to harbingerseishiro@yahoo.com. We'll talk things out, since right now I'm lazy and I don't want to post on how to apply to join. (Yes, this is moderated-membership.. but for good reason.)

Hope to talk with more of you, and let's see some good roleplaying! ^^
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